About Harry Dunn

Harry Dunn’s Eclectic World

Harry Dunn was extremely successful in two worlds of art, fine & commercial Dunn was every bit the versatile artist. Although his background includes extensive exposure to the Brandywine School of painting, his own personal style is far from traditional. Yet, it is a style that has wide appeal, and many of his works complement otherwise traditional collections bringing fresh –sometimes whimsical view of traditional subjects.

Design was an important facet of Dunn’s work which no doubt accounts for his extraordinary success in commercial design. Such corporate giants of his day Scott Paper, Yale & Towne, National Distillers, Bates Canon and Villager Clothes enjoyed positive sales impact from his creativity. In fact there was very little in the field of commercial art that Harry Dunn had not undertaken, designing openings for TV’s Hit Parade or Dave Garroway shows and promotional films when he directed the motion picture and slide film division of Mel Richman Inc. Dunn’s works were featured on the covers of House & Garden, Fortune and the New Yorker magazines.

For those who lived in the Delaware Valley in the 1960’s & 1970’s you would remember his murals in local hotels, apartment buildings and banks. He designed business logos and signs that many of us still remember.

Harry Dunn passed away in 1998 his work and legacy live on his art brings joy to those who knew him and for those just starting to collect his paintings. The Harry Dunn Memorial Art Scholarship gives the next generation of West Chester talent a gift of his extraordinary generosity and support of young artists.  To learn more about this year’s scholarship recipient, click here


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